Whistleblowing for employees & partner

Our employees and partners have an important role in raising concern if they suspect wrongdoing that is not in line with our ethical guidelines. We offer a third-party whistleblowing service that is managed by an external party, where suspicions can be reported anonymously and securely. WhistleB is completely distinct from the employer’s IT systems and web services and does not maintain IP addresses or other data that could trace a whistleblower. All reports are strongly encrypted and can only be decrypted by designated individuals.

HL is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to its own Corporate Responsibility Policy that defines how the company shall operate. The company offers a safe and developing workplace for employees by respecting employees’ rights to collective bargaining and encouraging participation in trade unions.

Strict adherence to the CR Policy is expected by company suppliers who are required to sign a purchasing policy containing requirements and information relating to human rights, labour and anti-corruption. HL Display’s representatives regularly visit suppliers to monitor compliance and environmental issues.

Report an incident via the whistleblower function

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