Goods deliveries to the POS are carried out using (Euro) pallets in most cases. These are easy and quick to load, and can be used to save space. For this reason heavy, high-volume articles are provided for sale directly on the pallet. Easy handling is considered more important here than the appearance. This does not have to be the case! If you use our pallet sheathing you can combine practical handling with a pleasant appearance and, in addition, can present exactly the advertising message you want to thanks to individual design. Dimensions, design and version can be individually selected. Attached sheet protectors make simple replacement of the branding possible. The sheathing can also be refined with your own logo as an option.

Palettenmantel Palettenummantelung



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We develop individual solutions for you in close cooperation.

Display with topper

Pallet sheathing

L-shaped display

MAG’it- magnetic suspension rails

This magnetic suspension rail system makes attaching and removing advertising media child’s play. The suspended signs are available in a wide range of sizes. 2-3 magnetic clips are attached to each of the signs depending on the size. The signs can easily be pushed into the suspending rail, where they fix themselves in position using the magnets. Suspension from the ceiling is carried out using wires as usual. The rail length is 2 metres. The rails can be connected together to extend the length. A major advantage of this system is that there are no optical interruptions as caused by a perforated strip or suspension hooks. The magnetic clips can be reused when replacing the panels or insert pockets. Application examples (versions always with magnetic clips):

  • Panel (printed or can be written on individually with chalk)
  • Insert pockets (single or double-sided)
  • Support plate -> signs with electronic price label


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